Tantalum and niobium ore-dressing abroad

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Tantalum and niobium ore-dressing abroad.

Several years ago, there are only a small number of tantalum niobium factories. But these years, there are more and more tantalum niobium manufacturers in the world. Today we talk about tantalum and niobium ore-dressing in Australia.

Washing operation is essential, when Processing the ore of iron ore fines or with over native clay. In Australia, the ore roughing factory, usually set up two washing systems, ore after twice washing with a cylindrical screen of a diameter 1.5m, aperture 10mm. Sieve chunks and clay ball to autogenous mill grinding about 4mm, then sieve with the aperture 10mm cylindrical, good materials is selected and others you can out it back to the ore machine or throw. Water washing 5m3 / t, cylindrical screen handling capacity is 350 tons / hour per machine. Through these steps, we can see tantalum sheet, tantalum targets, tantalum tubes and other tantalum products.