Rare metal and Function alloy

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Rare metal includes 4 categories: tungsten and molybdenum material, tantalum and niobium material, nuclear grade rare metal material and precious metal material.

Tungsten and molybdenum materials mainly include 9 kinds of new materials: Tungsten narrowband, Wide tungsten plate, High-quality molybdenum powder, and Molybdenum blanks, Large-sized molybdenum plate, Large size molybdenum electrodes, Mo-Cu alloy, Titanium zirconium molybdenum (TZM) alloy, Spray molybdenum wire, RE molybdenum alloy.

Tantalum and niobium materials mainly include 4 kinds of materials: High hematocrit tantalum powder, Fine-grained tantalum film, High quality niobium films, High performance niobium alloy.

Nuclear Grade Rare Metal Materials mainly include 2 kinds of materials: Zirconium alloy material and silver cadmium indium material.

Precious metal materials mainly include 6 kinds of new materials: Precious metal nano-catalytic materials, Rhodium catalytic materials, Palladium catalytic materials, Platinum catalytic materials, Noble metal compounds, Homogeneous catalyst, High activity of the platinum electrode paste.

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