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Anodic oxidation film of tantalum alloys is very stable.

Anodic oxidation film of tantalum alloys is very stable, with corrosion resistance, and excellent properties, suitable for the manufacture of electrolytic capacitors. Tantalum alloys has a very strong resistance to chemical corrosion properties, tantalum alloys can resist all organic and inorganic acid corrosion

except Hydrogen fluoride, Sulfur trioxide, Hydrofluoric acid, hot concentrated sulfuric acid And Alkali, thus it can be used as corrosion resistant material in the chemical and medicine industry. Tantalum carbide is also an important additives for manufacturing carbide. Additionally, tantalum alloys is also used in some electron tube.

In 1958, Ta10W tantalum alloys began to production. In the 1960s, tantalum alloys as high temperature structural materials used for the aerospace industry. Tantalum and tantalum alloys include tantalum sheet, strip, foil, rod, wire, shaped pieces and sintered products.

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