Situation of China's large tantalum and niobium ore

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China's large tantalum and niobium ore.

Features: Tantalum deposits with small-scale, ore with low-grade, dissemination size dispersion, multi-metal associated, caused difficult to mine, separate, and choose, low recovery. Large-scale open-pit mining tantalum mines is fewer. There is no independent niobium mine in China and Niobium often associated with rare earths, and tantalum.

Reserves: According to the calculation of tantalum and niobium deposit in reserves, China's lowest industrial grade indicators(standard) is: (Ta, Nb) 205 0.016-0.028%, most of tantalum and niobium deposit are close or slightly higher than the lowest grade of our industrial grade indicators(standard) in China.

Almost all Ta205 grade are less than 0.22%, and for Nb205 grade more than 0.1%, there are only several carbonate type deposits, Nb205 grade of the other type deposits are around 0.02%.

Chinese tantalum (Ta205) based reserves is still very large, But almost no grade in our tantalum resource of Ta205 is more than 0.02%. Obviously most Chinese tantalum factory is weaker than some Europe country. So does Niobium. However, with the innovation of smelting process of tantalum and niobium, South Tantalum Niobium’s metal quality is getting better and better. Investment of tantalum and niobium industry continues to heat up.

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