Chemical formula of tantalum niobium ores is AB2O6

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Tantalum targets, tantalum rod manfuacturers should told you these things.

Chemical formula of tantalum niobium ores is AB2O6, both referred to as Ta-Nb ores. A is Fe, Mn, B is niobium, tantalum. Susceptibility of niobium tantalum is (22.1 ~ 37.2) × 10-6. Niobite dielectric coefficient is between 10 and 12, tantalite is 7-8. Mineral density is between 5.15 and 8.20(increased by tantalum content).

Tantalum and niobium flotation commonly use collector, such as Fatty acids, Arsine acids, Phosphonic acids, Hydroxamic acids, Cationic Collector.

And other vital environmental pollution collectors and pharmaceutical costs.The most essential problem is environmental pollution and pharmaceutical costs of the collectors.